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The Continued Rise in Tattoo Popularity

The Continued Rise in Tattoo Popularity

If you know anything about tattoos, you will know that they have become extremely popular in recent years. Though there has always been a keen interest in tattoos, this interest has continued to grow significantly. Now, tattoos are one of the most favoured and frequently seen forms of body art and self expression. So, why is this?

Why Are Tattoos More Popular Than Ever?

  • Trends Are Driven By The Youth - As is the case with all trends, the growing trend of getting tattoos is driven by the youth. Whereas older generations tend to look down on tattoos - they used to be associated with criminals and those with a questionable lifestyle - the younger generations see all forms of body art as a form of self expression.

  • Showcased By Public Figures - People who had tattoos used to hide them, but now they are seen everywhere and displayed proudly. This includes public figures such as celebrities, athletes, actors and models. Everywhere you look - whether you are reading a magazine, watching a film or scrolling through social media - public figures are showcasing their tattoos. This has helped tattoos to be seen as the norm.

  • Changing Stereotypes - There has been a considerable change in the stereotype associated with people who have tattoos. Instead of being associated with criminals and people who live an 'alternative' lifestyle, tattoos are now seen as being a positive way of expressing yourself. Tattoos are now seen as trendy, fashionable and cool.

  • Large Tattoo Community - There is a growing tattoo community, which has done a lot to boost the popularity of body art. For example, there are now tattoo exhibitions and tattooed dating. There are well known tattoo artists, famous tattoo shops and a tonne of media highlighting how impressive tattoos can be. This encourages more people to appreciate, embrace and love tattoos.

The continued rise in tattoo popularity has led to an increase in tattooed dating, and more people than ever are dating people with tattoos. This is why websites dedicated to inked dating are becoming more and more popular. They provide a place for people with tattoos, as well as those who appreciate tattoos, to connect and form relationships.